We create using 100% full grain vegetable tanned leather. If looked after correctly it can last close to a lifetime.

Leather's tough & it is one of the oldest materials humans have created with.

Cheap 'Genuine leather' products are commonly created using bonded leather pieces. This explains why after a couple of months a good looking $25 dollar belt suddenly rips into 2 pieces.

 A process of turning raw animal hide into a piece of workable, durable leather is called 'Vegetable tanning', which was used by the ancients and is still used today. It involves placing leather inside a water filled pit with natural materials like wood, fruit and bark. The leather is submerged inside these pits for up to 7 weeks. 

Over this period, the concentration of the natural additives increases to alter the properties of the leather. This is so it decomposes at a slower rate when it is taken out of the pit.
Unlike most companies that sell leather goods at affordable prices, we do not paste together scraps and call it 'Genuine leather'. We use the full grain layer of the animal to yield the best, most durable items.